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Saturday, October 30, 2010


Dexter - Season 4
Music by Daniel Licht & Various Artists
Milan Records M2-36494 (US)
27 Tracks 77:59 mins

Season 4 of Dexter saw him playing cat-and-mouse with the excellent John Lithgow's serial killer; the series culminating in the shocking demise of a leading cast member.
As for the music, as always there was a good selection of source music, mainly of the Cuban influenced variety, perfectly illustrating the Miami locations, alongside Daniel Licht's original score, as always a model of subtlety, utilising familiar motifs laid down in previous seasons, as well as creating new material, often achieved inventively, utilising instruments from all over the world, such as gamelon, duduk, dejmbe and toy piano, often obtained by the composer from trawling eBay no less, He even found instruments made from human bones, the use of which seems very fitting due to the nature of the show.
This lengthy album features a generous 17 tracks of Licht's music, the remaining 10 featuring a sampling of the source music, with perhaps the more familiar numbers being Frankie Avalon's "Venus" and Culture Club's "Karma Chameleon;" all topped off with Rolfe Kent's "Main Title Theme," though it's mostly Licht's own Dexter theme that accompanies him through the show.
The accompanying booklet features full song and music credits, and a note from the composer, illustrated with colour portraits of some of the characters.


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