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Thursday, October 28, 2010


Still playing catch-up and here are three recent releases from MovieScore Media. Firstly, we have The Legend of Silkboy by another new name to me, British Columbian resident Alain Maynard, composer in residence of the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra. His best known film score is Echoes of an Epic, for which he was Leo nominated, and his concert piece "A Garden of Music" has received worldwide acclaim.
The Legend of Silkboy is an animated Jackie Chan production for which Maynard has come up with a delightful, theme-filled, and adventurous score, with a few comic touches. I encountered a few problems getting hold of this release and when I finally did it was unfortunately too late to do it full justice. However, for more detailed coverage, you'll find reviews at and
Next up is Bill Brown' score for something of an unusual project. The soundtrack for Dark Prophecy is "from the motion picture elements (cyber-bridges) of the unique online multimedia experience which is an interactive extension of 'Level 26' book series by CSI creator Anthony E. Zuiker," and is the follow-up to best-selling novel Dark Origins. I hope all that means more to you than I. Brown's score features both live and electronic elements and features plenty of dark suspenseful material, as well as exciting action moments, topped off by the lovely, strings-and-piano "Henry's Theme." There's another slightly more detailed review of the score to be found at
Finally, the score that impressed me most on first listening was that written by 32-year-old Portuguese composer Nuno Malo for the psychological drama Julgamento, and I'm pleased to say that the label plan to release more of his work in the future. For Julgamento, Malo utilises traditional orchestra, augmented by the likes of the Ukrainian Bandura and bowed Dulcimer.
There's plenty of fine melodic material on display, as well as some exciting action writing. For another view on the score, go to
For further details of these releases and their composers, samples, trailers for the films the scores accompany, and of course ordering details, go to


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