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Friday, October 08, 2010


You'll have to excuse me if reviews are a little thin on the ground at the moment, only I currently have a pretty heavy workload and am just not getting time to listen to all the goodies I've got lined up for you. I'll do the best that I can to keep up, but cannot make any promises. Just know that I have things like Halo Reach, Dexter Season 4, Medal of Honor (2010), Doctor Who: The Specials, the acclaimed Mao's Last Dancer, a couple of Alex Wurman scores (one of them an Emmy winner), and a bunch of Italian Western scores for you. In the meantime, here's some news:-

From Costa Communications:-



LOS ANGELES (October 7, 2010) – This fall the music of Bruno Coulais will be heard around the world. His Oscar-worthy score to Disneynature’s hit documentary OCEANS can be heard when the Blu-Ray and DVD are released in the U.S. on October 19. The 10th Edition of the World Soundtrack Awards at the Ghent Film Festival in Belgium will feature a suite of his scores live in concert at the awards presentation on October 23.

Coulais is one of the world’s most imaginative composers as demonstrated in CORALINE (Annie Award winner), LES CHORISTES (César winner, Oscar and BAFTA nominated), and the César winning MICROCOSMOS and HIMALAYA. Although not singled out for recognition in 2010, two films that he scored were Oscar nominated for Best Animated Feature, CORALINE and THE SECRET OF KELLS.

His relationship with Belgium’s Ghent International Film Festival dates back to 1996 when he won the Georges Delerue Prize for his work on MICROCOSMOS. Again in 1999, the festival honored him Audience Award and a Special Mention in 1999 for HIMALAYA. In 2001, the festival’s World Soundtrack Academy began the World Soundtrack Awards to honor the best in film music. Coulais will be in attendance at the awards where a suite of his music will be performed live by the Brussels Philharmonic – the Orchestra of Flanders, conducted by Dirk Brossé.

Released earlier this year, OCEANS is the 7th largest grossing documentary. USA Today said “Bruno Coulais' musical score provides an evocative counterpoint to the often dazzling photography. A scene featuring diving sea birds and whales moving in concert with the rhythm of the waves is stunning.” While the Associated Press called the score “sweeping.” Directors Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud take viewers on a breathtaking and unprecedented high-definition journey to discover nature’s mysteries, showcasing creatures captured on film for the first time and state-of-the-art imagery of the colorful symphony that lives under the sea.

“OCEANS is more than a film. It is a manifest for nature,” Coulais said. His score – which is available through iTunes – is written for a full orchestra, a kind of concerto for harp and violin with electronic sounds. His score was recorded in Paris featuring French soloists Marielle Nordmann (harp) and Laurent Korcia (violin); along with the French choir Mikrokosmos. Coulais’s unquestionable contributions to the environment earned him recognition from Vice-President

Al Gore’s Climate Project Foundation and Spain’s Tenerife International Film Music Festival (FIMUCITÉ) when they presented him with the Fimucité Green Award in June 2010.

In 2010 Bruno Coulais scored another hit documentary that is now on DVD. Focus Features’ BABIES has become the 17th highest grossing documentary.


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