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Monday, November 15, 2010


Fable III
Music by Russell Shaw
Sumthing Else SE-2091-2 (US)
24 Tracks 72:29 mins

Russell Shaw returns with his music for the latest in the Fable video game series, Fable III, the soundtrack album for which has been released on CD and as a digital download by Sumthing Else Music.
Shaw's music is performed by the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra, under the baton of Allan Wilson, together with a 40-piece choir and solo vocalisations by Tanja Tzarovska. The score is as rich and varied as we have come to expect from the Fable franchise, with the opening title theme embodying that, going from dark to light and then mysterious over its just under 3-minute running time.
Standout tracks, for me, include the percussive, syncopated action of "Fight or Flight;" the expressive violin solo of "Dwellers Camp;" the tranquility of "Sanctuary;" the airy and charming "Brightwall;" the exotic travel music for "The Desert;" "Kalin's Theme," with its mysterious vocals, courtesy of Ms Tzarovska; the brief, LOTR-like choral of "Coronation;" the doom-laden "Execution;" and the heart-breaking pairing of "Death of Walter" and "Farewell Walter."
Not being a gamer, I am not familiar with the game play, but thought there might be some action moments to perk things up a bit, but these are sadly very thin on the ground. However, if you like orchestral/choral fantasy scoring, I am sure you'll find moments to enjoy on this lengthy album.


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