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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


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PRD 034 No Retreat, No Surrender by Frank Harris

The third entry in our series of soundtracks from Jean-Claude Van Damme movies, this album features Frank Harris' score that was heard in all versions around the world, except for the US edit, for which his music was inexplicably replaced by Paul Gilreath. Our CD includes no less than FOUR versions of the classic Eighties anthem "Hold On to the Vision", featuring the legendary Joe Satriani on guitar and vocals by Kevin Chalfant.
This CD features all digital remixes of the four vocal songs next to the original mixes (done by the composer himself), as well as the complete score in chronological film order. The score was recorded in mono for the film in 1986 (the producer wanted it that way), but Frank has given it a "fake" stereo sound so it sounds richer. Bullseye!
The album contains all the cues for the movie and comes with a 20-page booklet that chronicles the score's creation, as written by film music authority Brian Satterwhite.
Price $12.00

Coming Soon from Perseverance Records

PRD 032 Unforgettable by Christopher Young

Similar to the composer's seminal horror scores for �Species� and �Jennifer 8�, this album contains all new music that is different from the Intrada promo that came out in 1997, A must-have for every fan of the new Jerry Goldsmith. Limited to 1200 copies.
Price $12.00

PRD 033 The Puppet Master Soundtrack Collection by Richard Band, Jeff Walton,

John Massari and Peter Bernstein

Our biggest project so far. This box set contains all the complete original scores to the Puppet Master series of movies on 4 CDs in film order. Parts 5 and 8 had no original music. Richard Band's scores were digitally re-mastered from the composer's own 4-track tapes. The others were digital recordings. Limited to 1500 copies.
Price tba

PRD 035 Red Sonja by Ennio Morricone

Released by Varese in their first Club series years ago, this wonderful score has long been out-of-print and goes for big money (if you can find a copy). We have taken the two suites from the Varese album and sequenced the individual tracks in film order and added a bonus track for a more complete listening pleasure.
Price $12.00


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