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Sunday, November 15, 2009


Music by Christian Henson
MovieScore Media MMS-09023
21 Tracks 48:19 mins

Released to UK cinemas last month, this Christopher Smith-directed horror-thriller, stars Home & Away's Melissa George and features music by Christian Henson, who previously wrote the Ivor Novello Award nominated score for Smith's Severance.
Henson mixes orchestral and electronic elements together and, as the album boldly states on the cover, features the voice of Dot Allison. In fact, it's Allison's efforts that prevent this score from being just another run-of-the-mill contemporary genre effort, for there's a good dose of the usual uninspired mystery, suspense and brooding menace, but sometimes enhanced by Allison's vocals, solo, or possibly processed to double as choir, to lift things a notch or two. Of course, there are the usual action moments, the composer letting loose with some pretty intense electronics, percussion and voices at times.
The opening "Lullaby," a dreamy piece, opening with just solo piano and Allison's vocal, is pretty nice however, at least to start with, before the rest of the orchestra enter to give things a much darker, mysterious feel; and there's more lightness with the tinkly piano of "Let Her Go." "Lullaby" is briefly reprised at the beginning of "Returning Home," things then taking a more cacophonous turn, before a gentle conclusion, with "The Driver" ending things on an initially dreamy note with piano and voices, before intensifying to close.
Go to for samples, to view the official film trailer, and for details of how to purchase your copy on CD or as a download.


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