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Thursday, November 05, 2009


Space: 1999: Year 2
Music by Derek Wadsworth
Silva Screen Records SILCD1223 (UK)
21 Tracks 79:29 mins

Year 1 of Gerry Anderson's predominantly live-action sci-fi series Space: 1999 was a bit of a hotch-potch in terms of the underscore. Anderson regular Barry Gray of course provided much of the music, but other composers worked on the show and some music was used from other areas. This proved to be not only the last time Gray worked for Anderson, but also the last time he composed for film or TV; for a new American producer, brought in by the network, was charged with re-vamping the show, including adding an intriguing new alien character, Maya (played by Catherine Schell), to the cast, and Derek Wadsworth, largely known for his arranging and conducting work in the pop field, was brought on board to compose the music in a new, more contemporary style.
For its seventh Anderson release, Silva Screen has issued a CD of highlights from Year 2 of the show, which first aired in September 1976 and, whilst we wait, seemingly in vein, for Barry Gray's splendid music for Stingray, it is this that I turn my attention to.
If anything, Wadsworth's new main theme for the show is even more propulsive than Gray's original, really getting things off to a bang. And there's plenty of pacy action scoring throughout t subsequent tracks, with his mix of orchestra, synths and rhythm section. At other times, there are lighter moments, like the easy-going pop of "We're All Aliens," "Make Me a Pretty Noise," "Alpha Ahoy!" and "Sore Loser;" the loungy "The Exiles Emerge;" the ethereal "Garden of Vega;" plus a fair spattering of tension and suspense; and even some jazz, delivered smokily in "The Emporium," and at breakneck speed in "Seduction." Some of the tracks are suites from the various episodes, which of course makes for much variety within each offering.
An entertaining, if somewhat dated, listening experience then.
The accompanying booklet is of the usual high quality, with notes from the composer, who sadly died last year, making this something of a tribute to a man of few scores, this show being his legacy, as far as screen music followers are concerned.
Go to for samples and to order your copy of the CD, or download tracks.

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