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Saturday, November 07, 2009


Music by Michl Britsch
MovieScore Media MMS09024
19 Tracks 71:08 mins

Regular visitors will known that I always like to promote the work of composers hitherto unknown to me, but they will also know that I am largely a fan of melodious music. It is therefore very difficult for me to recommend this new release of Michl Britsch's score for the recent sci-fi/horror Pandorum. The film itself has not been critically well received and certainly Britsch's efforts couldn't have helped.
Likened to Alien, the film could perhaps have done with a Jerry Goldsmith, who did so much for that classic (even if his music was not presented as originally intended). Instead, what we get can hardly be called music, to my ears at least. Mostly I would describe this mix of synths, orchestra, electric guitars and percussion as noise, which becomes very tiresome over this lengthy disc. Granted, there are some pulse-pounding, percussive moments, but these are not worth sitting through the rest for. But don't take my word for it, check out the samples at, and if you like your music challenging in the extreme, this may just float your boat. You can of course also find details there of how to purchase the CD. The album has also been made available for download from German soundtrack label Konigskinder Music, who collaborated with MovieScore Media on this release.


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