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Monday, June 15, 2009


The Poker Club
Music by Evan Evans
MovieScore media MMMS-09011
18 Tracks 39:12 mins

I have been aware of composer Evan Evans for some time, but this is the first opportunity I have had to hear what he has to offer. His dark, noirish score for this thriller that was released on DVD in the US this past April, combines orchestra with electronics as seems increasingly to be the norm these days.
The album gets off to a very dark start with the "Main Titles;" the surging opening to the following "The Warehouse," giving way to some pretty savage and nightmarish action. Next up, the title track at least offers some lighter fare, but even this is low-key, and it's back to the darkness for "The Burglar Caught," with some more nightmarish moments. The fateful "The Plan" follows.
"Family" offers a touch of sentiment, and then it's back to the dark, atmospheric stuff for "The Note;" "Need for Protection;" and "Trudy." "Death and Remorse" follows, with its big, dramatic opening; the dramatics continuing in "Hot Pursuit."
The penultimate track, "Bases Loaded" is a tense and fateful affair, with "One More Hand" closing out the album, initially in somewhat redemptive fashion, before it too ends in a fateful manner.
Available on CD from the usual outlets, as well as for download, go to for further details and to listen to samples.


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