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Monday, June 08, 2009


Resident Evil 5
Music by Kota Suzuki, Hideki Okugawa, Akihiko Narita, Seiko Kobuchi
Sumthing Else SE-2051-2
Disc 1 - 33 Tracks 49:25 mins Disc 2 - 26 Tracks 54:02 mins
Disc 3 - 27 Tracks 62:21 mins

And so it's here - the first title to be released from the recently announced Sumthing Else/Capcom relationship, the soundtrack to the latest in the Resident Evil series. Now, I'm not familiar with the previous games or scores, so I can only judge this on its merits. It's largely a studio-realised score, though there are orchestral elements, and perhaps where the sound differs from previous entries in the series is in that the game is this time set in Africa and so therefore the composers have added tribal percussion very effectively, which really comes into its own in some of the action cues, of which there are of course plenty in this lengthy 3-disc presentation. Vocalist Oulimata Niang also features over the "Opening," providing native colouring, and then returning for the uplifting "Theme Song" later in the disc.
Balancing exciting action cues, with or without the tribal percussion, like the many tracks representing the "Majini;" "Executioner;" "The Crisis - Reinforcements Arrive;" "Pursuer and the Pursued;" "Burning with Anger;" "Shadows of the Past," with its purposeful opening; "Get Out!" "Evil Mutation;" "Gigantic Attack;" "Haze of Horror;" "Two on Two;" the determined "Sad but True;" "Shot or Death;" and "Fragment of Fears;" are plenty of suspenseful and viciously menacing cues, and of course a few ambient offerings, as is a long-established format in game scores, sometimes strangely quite cold (for the game's setting), at others speaking of the harsh, sun-baked climate.
Few moments of light permeate the score, though "Result" is quite soothing, and "Homeward Bound!" provides a rhythmic, easy-going feel; whilst emotionally powerful and poignant offerings like "Excelia and Wesker;" "The Enigma;" "The Mask;" "Old Friends, New Enemies;" "Trust;" and "Message;" are also present.
A handful of "digital versions" are included within the body of the three discs, which are basically largely electronic cues, but nevertheless the likes of the driving action of "An Emergency;" "A Big Despair;" "Wind of Madness;" and "Deep Ambition" are very effective.
Fans of the Resident Evil series and its music can be well pleased with the size and scope of this release, and we can only hope for many more excellent presentations of game music from this exciting collaboration.
As well as being available in CD form, this release can of course be downloaded at, as well as iTunes if you prefer.


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