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Sunday, June 28, 2009


The Incredible Hulk: The First - Parts 1 and 2
Music by Joe Harnell
Joe Harnell. Com JHCD 27 (US)
23 Tracks 49:37 mins

Joe Harnell is probably most fondly remembered for his music for The Incredible Hulk and this latest release of his music for the show features his scores for the two part episode The First, from the Fourth Season. The story pits David Banner/The Hulk against another victim of gamma radiation, one however that, unlike our hero, has no compunction against the taking of human life.
The familiar thematic material Harnell wrote for the show is of course present throughout his music for these episodes, the propulsive "Main Title" music commencing the disc and then giving way to eerie sounds for "Opening Credits" and "Haunted House." The piano-lead opening of "Haunted House #2" has a real Gothic feel about it, before eerie strings lead us towards a melancholy, meandering little theme, which builds to a savage crescendo for "Death at the Lab," with Harnell's "Lonely Man Theme" ending the cue on a poignant note. More Gothica follows with the violin intro to "Meeting Elizabeth at the Park," before the "Lonely Man Theme" takes over in initially romantic mode, but of course it can't possibly end well. The suspenseful "David Goes to the Lab" follows, with the meandering theme returning in threatening mode at the end. More suspense for "Down the Well" leads to variations on the composer's savage Hulk theme for "Hulk Emerges," with a little of the Gothic piano thrown in for good measure. More action follows in "Kids Hunt the Hulk" and then a strange, moaning little musical effect, possibly produced by unorthodox use of a violin, is introduced at the start of "Frye's Secret/The Missing Notes" and continuing in "Opening the Panels/Angry Kids," and the lengthy, action-packed "Gamma Treatment/The First Reborn," where the all the principal themes get to do battle.
The second part of the story commences very much as the first part ended, with yet more savage action writing for "The First's Rampage." The suspenseful and slightly unhinged "Frye at the Bar" follows, intensifying for "Act Out." More suspense follows in "McGee and The Sherriff/Del Exits" and continues into "Del's Building Rage," before bursting forth savagely yet again in "The First's Wrath."
There's a threatening feel to "McGee Confronts Frye," before the music takes off like an out of control express train in "Frye Drugged." The lengthy conclusion to the score follows in "The First Returns/The Hulk Vs. The First/Frye's Death" and there are again plenty of fireworks to be heard, with the main themes all doing battle one last time - great stuff!
"David Departs" finishes the show, as always, with the poignant piano rendition of "The Lonely Man Theme."
Four bonus cues at the end of the disc feature three effects tracks and some "Radio Source" music.
The accompanying booklet features Mike Joffe's notes on the episodes and a bio of the composer.
You can find further details of this release, listen to samples and ultimately order your copy by going to While you're there, why not check out other releases from


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