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Friday, June 26, 2009


Fifty Dead Men Walking
Music by Ben Mink
MovieScore Media MMD 0004
21 Tracks 46:38 mins

Director Kari Skogland's Fifty Dead Men Walking boasts some big names in the cast, including Sir Ben Kingsley and Charmed's Rose McGowan, but stars Kim Sturgess in this true story of Martin McGartland, a street hustler from Belfast who was recruited by the British Police to infiltrate the IRA during the '80s.
The score is provided by another new name to me, American Ben Mink, whose music for the film won him a Leo Award for Best Musical Score in a Feature Length Drama. It appears to be another score which combines electronics with live instruments, principally electric guitars and drums, getting under way with the brief percussive action of "Gunshot," before continuing with the beat-driven, rhythmic mover "Street Fighting." "Dark" continues in the same rhythmic manner, though tense and threatening. "Blue" has more of a disco vibe to it; then its back to the action with the intense, thumping "Mickey & Marty." "In the Car" is a bluesy little guitar track, and is followed by the nervous "Heart Racing," with its surprising religious choral both concluding this track and leading into the following "Scary" which is suitably dark and, well, scary.
"Road Block" gets off to a beat-driven start, but quickly turns suspenseful, before ending on a distinctly Irish note, with electric fiddle playing something of a celebratory jig. "Dead Graves" is a suitably mournful affair, and is followed by the purposeful "Danger." The solemn "Swear In" features what sounds like electric cello, or maybe just violin in another Irish flavoured track. "Libyans" predictably has an Eastern percussive vibe; whilst the most pleasant track thus far follows, "Last Sweet," with its tender acoustic guitar work.
Oh no, I thought, when I read the next track title, "Scotland," but it's actually quite an easy-going piece with piano lead, the composer thankfully not resorting to the pipes! After this, it's back to the action with the tense, rhythmic, "He's a Toit." More Irish flavour follows with "Violin Pie," the cue starting atmospherically, before racing to a rhythmic conclusion. "Martin Jumps" continues in the same vein, before taking a darker, menacing turn.
Eclectic Violin briefly returns at the start of "Pregnant Again," before more tense, rhythmic material takes over. The purposeful, yet somewhat jarring "Ambulance" follows, with electric violin returning to introduce the closing folk song "We Will Have Won," by unknown (at this time) male vocalist.
Available to download only, go to
for samples and details of how to secure your copy of the score.

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Epic Original Score Performed by the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra

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Concert Hall in Bratislava. The score was orchestrated and conducted by Nic Raine
(Viking: Battle For Asgard) and the soundtrack was produced by lead composer Richard

"Undertaking the challenge of the music production for Empire: Total War was no
simple task," said composer Richard Beddow. "The game needed music to convey its
size and breadth, covering the various countries at war, delicately accompanying
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Empire: Total War is set in the 18th century, a turbulent era that is the most requested
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