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Friday, November 14, 2008


Indiana Jones: The Soundtracks Collection
Music by John Williams
Concord RecordsCRE-31000-02
Disc 1 - Raiders of the Lost Ark - 22 Tracks 74:17 mins
Disc 2 - Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom - 22 Tracks 75:22 mins
Disc 3 - Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade - 19 Tracks 76:54 mins
Disc 4 - Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - 19 Tracks 77:28 mins
Disc 5 - Bonus interviews & more previously unreleased music - 12 Tracks 51:50 mins

To mark the DVD release of the latest in the Inidiana Jones series, Concord Records has released a splendid box set featuring the scores from all of the films in the series, all individually digi-packed, with accompanying booklets, featuring plenty of colour stills from each film,as well as reproductions of director Spielberg's original album notes; all housed in a brown box with a gold embossed Indy hat and whip on the cover.
But, on first inspection, what makes this even more of an item every self-respecting film music fan should have in their collection is that, with the exception of the Crystal Skull soundtrack, which was already generous and quite frankly could accommodate hardly a note extra, each of the original trilogy soundtracks features plenty of previously unreleased material. Raiders, which of course has already enjoyed an expanded release, features just 3 extra; but Temple of Doom boasts 10, which will please the many fans who have pleaded for an expanded release over the years; and my personal favourite, The Last Crusade 7.
A more modestly packaged bonus disc presents audio interviews with Williams, Spielberg and Lucas, as well as even more previously unreleased music: one track from Raiders; three from Temple; and six from Last Crusade. So, as if there wasn't already plenty of thrilling music from the trilogy in your collection, you can now add even more. Of course, I know some of you will not be satisfied until you have every note, but this may possibly be the best we can hope for.
Accompanying the discs is an equally impressive 32-page booklet, which features a even more colour stills from the film, as well as fascinating behind the scenes shots, and an introduction from Soundtrack reissue Producer Laurent Bouzereau.
Indiana Jones: The Soundtracks Collection is another one of those must-have items for your collection, and is widely available from Monday.


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