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Wednesday, November 05, 2008


City of Ember
Music by Andrew Lockington
Verve B001234702 (US)
24 Tracks 71:41 mins.

Walden Media must have been sufficiently impressed with Andrew Lockington's score for their 3D remake of Journey to the Center of the Earth to again turn to the composer for their latest fantasy adventure City of Ember.
Again Lockington has written a big orchestral/choral accompaniment for the film, which tells of two teenagers attempting to prevent the demise of an ancient city; recording his score at the legendary Abbey Road studios. Unique percussion elements were mixed with mystical wind instruments and the sound of four Wagner Horns, heard prominently in the score's main theme, which is first heard in the powerful, propulsive "Main Titles," and throughout many of the score's action moments. The energetic strings of "Lina Mayfleet" follow, ending in a majestic solo for said horns.
Other highlights include the excitement and expectation of "First Day," which expands upon the "Lina Mayfleet" theme; and "Tunnels," where the mystical winds first deliver a sound that has been compared to whale song, before the cue erupts into powerful orchestral/choral action, more of which can be found in "Map and Mole;" "Room 351;" "Fugitives;" "Loris' Bike;" "Clockworks;" "Control Room," with its frantic, exciting finish; "Water Wheel;" and "The Mayor Retreats."
The penultimate track, "Escape to Sunrise," starts tentatively, but eventually blossoms triumphantly; with "One Last Message" revisiting the main themes to provide a fabulous finish.
Andrew Lockington is certainly making considerable inroads into the Hollywood composing fraternity and I await his future projects with interest.


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