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Monday, November 10, 2008


Music by Lalo Schifrin & Andy Garfield
Aleph Records Limited Edition
8 Tracks 21:04 mins

Available for some time now for download from iTunes has been the music composed by Lalo Schifrin and Andy Garfield for the graphic novel Spooks, written by Larry Hama and Schifrin's son Ryan. Now a limited edition CD, with a run of just 500 copies, has been made available on the Aleph Records website at
To my knowledge, this is only the second time a soundtrack has been written for a literary publication. Joel McNeely of course wrote an excellent score for Star Wars: Shadows of The Empire many moons ago now. This is a much briefer album than that, at just over 20 minutes, with the music tracks appearing to have been separately written by each composer.
Schifrin is of course a composer of great renown, and I recently had the pleasure of reviewing his autobiography. Garfield is a new name to me but, having looked him up, it seems he has built up quite a body of work in tv, games and theme park attractions, whilst managing to stay under my radar.
Schifrin's contributions begin with the opening track "The Forces of Darkness," a powerful dark march, which builds to an exciting conclusion. Next up is the fabulously punchy "Omega Team;" followed by an easy listening soft jazz interlude in "Zach and Felicia." "The Final Battle" concludes the album in exciting action style.
Garfield's music is featured in "The Department of Supernatural Defense (Spooks)," a suitably heroic, militaristic piece; "The Graveyard," with its eerie, plucked-stringed opening and grimly determined conclusion; "The Witch's Manor," its stealthy opening giving way to a mix of menace and martial; and the doom-laden, choir-enhanced "Headless Jack," which builds to a powerful crescendo, before dying away.
Spooks is to be turned into a live action film by Men in Black producer Barry Josephson, and it is to be hoped that, after their impressive efforts here, both Schifrin and Garfield may be brought along for the ride. In the meantime, you can preview the Spooks music at If you like what you hear, you'd best get along to fast.


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