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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Music by Mark Kilian
Varese Sarabande 302 066 921 2 (US)
25 Tracks 56:04 mins

South African-born Mark Kilian (in collaboration with Paul Hepker) made quite an impression with his score for Oscar-winning film Tsotsi, and went on to score 2007's Rendition. Going solo, he then scored Before the Rains and the award-winning documentary Without the King. His latest effort is for the international thriller Traitor, starring Don Cheadle and Guy Pearce. His music for the film is a mix of the ethnic stylings one has come to expect from the composer, featuring the likes of percussion, Oud and Ney; and a more conventional Hollywood sound, with orchestra, with electronics also playing a major part.
The album gets off to a good start with the percussive mover "Entering The Country." The forward motion is continued in "Thirty Years Later;" followed by the drifting "Traitor Theme" itself, featuring electric violin and strings; whilst "Bombers On Board" is filled with nervous anticipation. More nervous tension, with occasional bursts of action, can be found in "On The Bus;" "Walk to Carter;" "Jailbreak;" "Embassy Bombing;" "Emailing Clayton;" "the Bourne-like mover "Double Raid;" "I'm on a Meet;" "Chasing Horn;" and "Bomber Montage."
Emotion is provided by the likes of the mournful "Young Recruit" and yearning strings of "Omar and Horn Say Goodbye." A brief wordless vocal from Marissa S Enhus introduces the somewhat ironic "The End."
Filling out the programme are a couple of original source tracks, co-composed and performed by Kilian and Marcel Adjibi.
Mark Kilian has provided an interesting hybrid score for this thriller, which could well make him considerable inroads into the Hollywood filmmaking community, if indeed that is the path this versatile musician and composer seeks to follow.


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