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Sunday, September 14, 2008


Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Music by Christophe Beck
Rounder Records 11661-9078-2PA (US)
29 Tracks 57:56 mins

Buffy The Vampire Slayer was a hugely popular series, making household names of its stars and running for five seasons. Unfortunately I was one of those that just didn't get it. No matter how I tried to like it, I just couldn't grow attached, and eventually just gave up trying.
Regular composer for the show was Christophe Beck, who graduated to films, largely of the comedic variety, which is a pity, as he is capable of much more, as evidenced by the music on display in this compilation of cues spanning the 2nd to 5th seasons of the show. So-called "promotional" albums of his music have long been out there and, in the absence of a commerical release (until now, that is), more power to you if you have found them. However, there's nothing like having a proper commerical release, which we thankfully have now; although I can't tell you how it's packaged, as I am working from an advance copy of the album. But I should hope there are liner notes to guide you as to which episode each track is taken from.
Of course, as is customary for most TV shows in recent years, the music is largely realised by means of synths and samples, and many of the selections play for under two minutes. Apparently, according to Randall Larson's column for Buysoundtrax (always required reading), more than half the selections come from the show's fourth season, though all together the selections chosen cover "many of the most significant musical moments of the show."
The disc gets underway with dramatic action in "Massacre," and there are similar moments to be found on the disc, like "Faith's End;" "The Princess Screams; and "Losing Battle; but really the album largely neglects this side of Beck's scoring, which is a great pity. Instead, there are many quieter, emotional moments, like the poignant "Remembering Jenny;" "Moment of Happiness," with its lonely Duduk-like solo; "Loneliness of Six," featuring guitar; "Tai Chi;" the magical "Magic Snow Music;" "Slayer's Elegy," with its wordless female vocal; the solo cello of "One Last Moment;" "From The Grave," with its delicate harp and piano; the piano and strings of "Spellbound;" "Body Paint," and "Sacrifice," with their poignant piano solos.
Some quirkiness can be found in the demonic fiddling of "Twice The Fool;" "Sugar High;
whilst supernatural power, menace and creepiness are provided by the likes of "Drink Me;" "Haunted;" "Demon Got Your Tongue;" "Fyarl in the Morning;" "Spaghetti;" "Xander's Nightmare;" "The Tower;" and "Apcalypse."
It's a pity the producers couldn't have found room for more of Beck's action scoring, leaving the emphasis on emotion; which may well please fans of the show for reminding them of the moments that really made the biggest impact.


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