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Saturday, September 06, 2008


Music by Tuomas Kantelinen
Varese Sarabande VSD 6902 (EU)
36 Tracks 56:19 mins

This latest adaptation of the life of the infamous Genghis Khan came and went from cinemas before the CD was finally released. I don't know what the delay was, but at least the CD is here now and features music by Finnish composer Tuomas Kantelinen, a name that might not be all that familiar outside his native film industry, where he won Jussi awards for his music in both 1997 and 1999. This film certainly promises to be a big break for him and he has taken the opportunity with both hands, composing an epic accompaniment that certainly sounds authentic, with its use of throat singing and ethnic instruments and vocals, alongside more conventional orchestral fare. Sometimes the sounds he and his ethnic vocalists and instrumentalists produce may threaten to alienate western audiences but, amongst the many atmospheric tracks, there are moments to enjoy, like the lush conventional "Love Theme" and the weighty "Destiny Themes," with its dramatic violin solo. The battle tracks can be quite wild, but they're exciting and dramatic nonetheless, as are those with a more conventional orchestral feel.
Allied to Kantalinen's efforts are a number of tracks by Mongolian folk band Altan Urag, which are largely of the ethnic variety, and often more source-like, as one would obviously expect, but they provide an even more authentic sound, and largely compliment the Fin's efforts. A couple of pop/rock bonus tracks by the band conclude the disc, and these are preceeded by the one glaring false step in the score, that being the "End Credits," which also develops a pop/rock feel, totally at odds with what has gone before. Some dialogue excerpts also intrude upon the programme here and there, but aren't too bothersome.
This is certainly an interesting and unusual score, which you may find quite challenging at times but, like the film, is to be recommended.



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JOEHARNELL.COM presents THE BIONIC WOMAN Episodic Collection Vol. 2

(Sept 5th, 2008, Los Angeles, CA)

JOEHARNELL.COM presents THE BIONIC WOMAN: THE RETURN OF BIGFOOT PART 2, featuring music composed and conducted by Joe Harnell for the 1970’s cult television show, THE BIONIC WOMAN, created and developed by Kenneth Johnson (THE BIONIC MAN, THE INCREDIBLE HULK, V) and starring Lindsay Wagner, Richard Anderson, Martin E. Brooks, Ford Rainey, Martha Scott and Jennifer Darling, along with special guest stars Sandy Duncan, Stefanie Powers, Ted Cassidy and John Saxon.

THE RETURN OF BIGFOOT Parts 1 and 2 are a sequel to a specially-aired episode from the second season of THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN. Part 1 of THE RETURN OF BIGFOOT began as the 4th season premiere to THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN and concluded with Part 2 as the 2nd season premiere of THE BIONIC WOMAN. Picking up on story elements from that second season episode of THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN, a rogue splinter group of alien explorers, led by the evil Nedlick, here played by veteran actor John Saxon, have taken control of Sasquatch, played by Ted Cassidy of THE ADDAMS FAMILY fame and are forcing Sasquatch to steal elements necessary to construct a force field around their base camp in Mexico, in order to make it impregnable and allow the aliens to continue in their efforts to steal more of the Earth’s riches and resources for their own benefit. By the end of the first part of THE RETURN OF BIGFOOT, Steve Austin is near death, after being exposed to a lethal dose of radiation. His only hope is to be treated in time with the aliens’ wonder drug, Neotraxin. Jaime Sommers is the only person who can save him and stop the alien rebels from taking over the world. In the second part of THE RETURN OF BIGFOOT, Jaime allows herself to be captured by Sasquatch to gain entry to the aliens’ complex and then escapes to confront Nedlick and his gang of rogue aliens. But their complex, hastily constructed over a volcanic vent, is causing a build-up of pressure that will soon cause a volcanic eruption that will lower the entire floor of the Pacific Ocean. Ultimately, it is Sasquatch who must risk his own life to prevent the volcano from erupting.

THE BIONIC WOMAN: THE RETURN OF BIGFOOT PART 2 continues Joe Harnell's successful creative collaboration with Writer/Director/Producer Kenneth Johnson, a relationship that includes fondly remembered television projects such as THE INCREDIBLE HULK, HOT PURSUIT, CLIFFHANGERS, V: The Original Mini-Series and ALIEN NATION. Moving to California in the early 1970's, Harnell emerged as a celebrated composer of film and television music. He has been nominated for an Emmy Award on three occasions for Best Dramatic Score. During his career, Harnell composed over 400 hours of original music for motion pictures and television. His scores for THE BIONIC WOMAN and THE INCREDIBLE HULK heavily influenced the scoring of all Universal television programs in the late 1970’s. His scores used a traditional orchestral approach (influenced by his Jazz roots) using a 32 piece orchestra. He frequently conducted scores from the piano during recording sessions and he performed all the piano and keyboard solos in all of his scores.

THE BIONIC WOMAN: THE RETURN OF BIGFOOT PART 2 is an exclusive release, professionally mastered, factory manufactured and limited to 1500 units.

BIONIC WOMAN, THE: Episodic Collection Vol. 2
is available for pre-order at and starts shipping on Sept 15, 2008.

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Huge eBay auction of rare, signed, and budget CDs

We are moving and therefore sorting out my big soundtrack collection. We are also sponsoring a family in Vietnam, so we are putting dozens and dozens of rare CDs on eBay. All proceeds of these auctions will go to said family.

There are tons of rare CDs: a signed Kickboxer, a numbered Ladyhawke, Miklos Rozsa's Jungle Book without narration (Film Music Society), a numbered Lethal Weapon, all three Amazing Stories volumes, John Williams Monsignor, Bloodsport signed by Paul Hertzog as well as Stan Bush, the never released Star Trek: Starfleet Academy by Ron Jones, Alan Derian's promo to Star Trek: New Voyages: World Enough and Time, Andrew Lockington's uber-promo of Journey to the Center of the Earth, Basil Poledouris' last score, a signed Leatherface, one of the last few remaining The Abominable Dr. Phibes CDs by Basil Kirchin, and many, many more.

There are also dozens of blow-out CDs that are priced for a quick sell, starting at $2.99. Ideal for getting to know a composer or just filling that hole in your collection.

The auction started on Thursday, September 4th, and will continue for two weeks with several new uploads every day. Remember, you are supporting a worthy cause.

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Donald Rubinstein's seminal score to George A. Romero's Knightriders available for pre-order!

Perseverance Records PRD 028

Knightriders around the world rejoice! The first and ONLY legitimate release of this classic score will be available on September 11, 2008. It is available from our Yahoo store for pre-order now, and as a special bonus, the first 100 orders get the CD signed by composer Donald Rubinstein. (Limit 2 per customer.) This CD contains the score plus the beautiful song "I'd Rather Be a Wanderer" sung by the composer himself during the final scene in the graveyard. This release was produced by Donald Rubinstein and myself and features a 16 page booklet with notes by Donald, star Ed Harris and director Romero. A labor of love that will surely please many.

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Limited Edition of 500 of Elia Cmiral score

Journey to the End of the Night
Perseverance Records PRD 030

Based on the huge success of a our previous limited composers series, we are happy to present Elia Cmiral's score to "Journey to the End of the Night", starring Brendan Fraser, Scott Glenn and Mos Def, in a very limited edition of 500 copies. There will be no repressing; once these 500 are gone, they are gone. The score is very different, and more melodic, than his music to "The Deaths of Ian Stone" (PRD 026). The Main Title sounds like a Howard Shore piece from "The Lord of the Rings". The first 30 orders will get their CD signed by Elia.?(Limit 2 per customer.)

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Perseverance Records


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