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Monday, August 04, 2008


Music by Vincent Gillioz
Spheris Records CD SR0703 (US)
34 Tracks 52:05 mins

A man awakes one morning convinced his wife is an imposter. That is the intriguing premise of this 2007 film from director Franz Josef Holzer, which has been likened to the work of David Cronenberg.
Vincent Gillioz's score for the film mixes orchestral (the Sofia Metropolitan Orchesta) and solo piano, the former reflecting, in the composer's own words "the slow and ineluctable march of the main character towards madness (like the pounding march of the main theme)" and the latter, "his love and loneliness."
Following the Sep & Pan Film Production Logo, the album gets off to a frightening start with the dissonant "Nightmare" (I'll be using the alternate English cue titles given on the album's track list); followed by the main theme, which has already been mentioned, a mysterious, piano-driven slow march. This theme is repeated on a number of occasions and in different variations, orchestrally, as in "In a Sweat," and on piano in "Presumption," "Tenderness," "Impossible" and "Souvenirs."
Much of the time, the music is tense, suspenseful and dissonant, as in "Bizarre;" "Elizabeth;" "Close;" "Beyond;" "Transformation;" "Unmasked;" "Drawning;" and "Gone," with its variations on the Dies Irae.
Violin joins piano on the somewhat melancholy "Obsession," with the latter going solo on the appropriately titled "Lonely," with the feel continued in "Medicine," "Kept Away," "Nothingness," and "On the City."
"Frustrated" reintroduces violin, backed with a Vertigoesque rising and falling figure; and a rare moment of light comes with the source jazz combo track "Date."
The concluding track, "Forever" at more than 6 minutes, builds slowly to its disturbing, almost resigned conclusion.
Don't forget to check out, where you can order copies of this and Vincent Gillioz's other scores.
This concludes my coverage of releases on the Spheris Records label, and I want to thank Vincent Gillioz for allowing me the opportunity of acquainting myself with his music. I hope in some small way to have furthered his cause with my modest coverage and look forward to hearing much more of his work in the future.


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