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Monday, July 28, 2008


Quelques Jours Avant La Nuit
Music by Vincent Gillioz
Spheris Records CD SR0801 (US)
27 Tracks 36:47 mins

This is the shortest CD release received from Vincent Gillioz's Spheris Records, at just short of 37 minutes, so I thought I'd just squeeze a review in here, my second of the day, as I may not be around to post anything tomorrow.
The film, a bit of a mix between mystery, thrills and black comedy, is directed by Simon Edelstein and Vincent's score, performed by the Sofia Metropolitan Orchestra, is rather reminiscent of the late, great Bernard Herrmann's work for Alfred Hitchcock, especially his more dark humoured films like The Trouble With Harry, with characteristic woodwind sparring for the lighter, sneaky moments; mysterious and delicate harp runs; and terrifying horns for the more menacing moments. Herrmann's oft-used dreamy waltz style for the likes of Obsession and Vertigo, is also echoed. In fact it's hard to find any of the composer's familiar trademarks that aren't visited in the score.
Gillioz must certainly have done his homework for this obviously intentional homage. It's certainly effective, but whether Herrmann's many fans will welcome it as the tribute that it obviously is, is another matter. As for me, it just reminded me of how much we truly miss the great man's work.
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