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Monday, July 28, 2008


Stargate: The Ark of Truth
Music by Joel Goldsmith
Freeclyde Music FCM CD 003 (US)
23 Tracks 58:23 mins

This feature-length spin-off from the long-running sci-fi show reunites the regular cast and adds new faces like Julian Sands to the mix.
Another regular contributor is Joel Goldsmith, who has been composing great scores on a TV budget since the show began. Here, he is given a bigger budget and produces a grand orchestral/choral score that thankfully he has made available on his Freeclyde label.
The album opens with David Arnold's familiar Stargate theme, before choir enters, bringing "The Decision" to an exciting crescendo, before falling away. Arnold's theme was always utilised in the show and so returns here and there, as in the following "Dakarta Discovery." Goldsmith however makes good use of his larger resources of the Northwest Sinfonia to provide plenty of new material of his own, with standout moments throughout. There is exciting action in "Tomin," "The Battle Begins," "The Healing,"and "Marrick's Demise," with, naturally, a martial feel emerging at times, as well as a good deal of suspense in between.
Choral mysticism is displayed in "The Wrong Ark," "Replicator," "Maternal Moment, and "the opening of "Ori Fleet," with the choir turning menacing to drive the action that follows, leading into the dark power and further mysticism of "The Doci;" and there's a real sense of adventure in "Our Mission Begins" and "The Supergate," with a sturdy theme, which Joel's late lamented father, Jerry, could easily have come up with; leading into a cacophonous crescendo when the team presumably enters the gate.
There's obviously an Arthurian feel to the story, with tracks like "Merlin" and the noble, then mystical "Morgan Le Fay."
Matters are brought to a head with the 6-minute "The Ark of the Truth," which begins with both choral menace and mysticism, then develops strains of brassy nobility and choral majesty, reaching a dramatic crescendo, before a gentle choral concludes the cue in satisfactory fashion. The mood is continued into "See The Light," with "Carter's Cookies" bringing a somewhat wistful close to proceedings, before "A New Adventure" closes the album in adventurous style.
A couple of cues are credited to Goldsmith and Neal Acree, who worked on the show in later seasons, and who, like Goldsmith, has done wonders in many productions over the years on limited budgets. Check out his website at
The accompanying booklet is an impressive affair, filled with numerous colour stills and artwork, plus lengthy notes by Stargate Writer/Director/Producer Robert C. Cooper, Executive Producer Brad Wright, and of course the composer himself.
Order your copy of this fine score from, or direct from Joel Goldsmith's website at, where you can also find many other exciting features.


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