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Thursday, June 07, 2007

BOOK REVIEW - Inside Film Music - Composers Speak

Inside Film Music - Composers Speak
by Christian DesJardins
Softback 360 Pages
Silman-James Press ISBN: 1-879505-88-6 (US)
Published 2006

This is a wonderful book in that it consists of a series of interviews, mainly with today's working composers, but also with some of the people who assist in the business of making music for film, editors, orchestrators, music contractors etc., as well as a few directors; and as such can be picked up whenever you have a spare moment to read a chapter here or there.
Christopher Young wrote the book's foreword and he is of course one of the interviewees. The composers make up the bulk of the book and are presented in alphabetical order, starting with Klaus Badelt and continuing through John Barry, Marco Beltrami, Bruce Broughton, Teddy Castellucci, Jeff Danna, Mychael Danna, Don Davis, John Debney, Cliff Eidelman, Robert Folk, John Frizzell, Philip Glass, Lee Holdridge, Mark Isham, Jan Kaczmarek, Rolfe Kent, Cliff Martinez, John Ottman, Basil Poledouris, Jocelyn Pook, Rachel Portman, John Poweel, David Raksin, Graeme Revell, Jeff Rona, Marc Shaiman, Ryan Shore, Alan Silvestri, Brian Tyler, Stephen warbeck, Gabriel Yared, and Young. Some of these composers are more regularly interviewed than others, but all have fascinating observations on their craft to make.
There are no illustrations, just solid reading all the way.


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