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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

CD REVIEW - Premonition

Music by Klaus Badelt
Varese arabande VSD 6008 (EU)
8 Tracks 48:39 mins

Premonition stars Sandra Bullock as a woman who each time she wakes either finds her husband alive or that he has been killed in an accident.
As regards the score, by Klaus Badelt, we know we are on pretty safe ground from the start with the opening title track presenting a typical pice of mysterioso for flowing piano and strings. This is followed by "Linda and Jim," a tender piano, synths and strings theme. Both these themes are to appear in variations throughout, the latter mostly in spare, sad piano renditions, though at times more hopeful. The former tends to accompany the more mysterious moments, sometimes played slower and sometimes allowed to flow.
The start of "Severed Severing" is quite a propulsive affair and this somewhat rhythmic approach is used a few times in the score, along with some alarming dissonances. There is almost a spiritual quality to some of Badelt's writing as well.
The album only has eight tracks, most of them quite lengthy, which gives the music much opportunity for development. "A New Life" brings proceedings to a satisfactory close, with a rather intimate reading of the "Linda and Jim" music.


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