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Sunday, December 03, 2006

CD REVIEW - The Dog's Master

The Dog's Master
Music by Carlo Siliotto
La-La Land Records LLLCD 1047 (U.S.)
10 Tracks 39:09 mins

La-La Land Records continue to champion the music of Italian composer Carlo Siliotto, here releasing an original concert work, which is grounded in Italian folk music and which the composer describes as an "orchestral 'divertimento'," which "plays with a core of 11 bars thus highlighting its own 'stubbornness' bringing it to places that go through continuous transformations."
It's a frustrating listen, because there are some very good things to be heard here, like the dance figure that builds and builds in the lengthy "Birth and First Whimpers," and the glorious orchestral celebration that is "The Dream of Earth and Sky." "We are Kings," provides more glory with choir and pipes combining, and the dance figure returns in the closing "Final sarabande." The frustration arises from the irritating vocal and kazoo intrusions that conspire to ruin all the good work that has gone before.
The music is performed by the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra, with a slect band of musicians playing such as piano, violin, accordion and percussion, with lesser known instruments such as Zampogna and Sahanaj also featuring.
The disc is accompanied by a booklet featuring English translations of the texts performed by vocalist and writer Patrizio Trampetti, together with pictures of the featured musicans and composer. Unfortunately, the track timings are all over the place, for example, "Birth and First Whimpers" actually clocks in at over 10 minutes, where it is listed at just under 4.


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