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Saturday, November 25, 2006

CD REVIEW - I Vigliacchi non Pregano

I Vigliacchi non Pregano
Music by Gianni Marchetti
GDM 2073 (Italy)
16 Tracks 35:25 mins

GDM have once again done Italian Western music fans proud, releasing three more titles, the first of which is this 1968 John Garko starrer. Only 7 tracks were previously available, coupled with music from Sette Baschi Rossi on a C.A.M. LP. This CD expands the score to 16 tracks and makes for a very enjoyable listening experience.
The score is basically two-themed, commencing with the laid-back, wide-open spaces, Mexican style "Western Panorama," featuring choir and orchestra, with twanging guitar accompaniment. This theme turns upbeat at the end, and subsequently appears on a number of tracks thereafter, sometimes galloping with electric guitar, sometimes more easy-going with guitar and harpsichord. Throughout the disc choir is more or less ever-present, with the odd solo vocal contribution.
The second theme is more confrontational and appears in the more weighty moments. It can appear in typical showdown style, with trumpet or whistle, or even with a martial beat. It can also do its share of galloping and is sometimes used in tandem with the first theme.
There's seldom a dull moment, with so many variations on both themes on display. It's a very welcome addition to anyone's Italian Western music collection, and you can of course order your copy from Italian film music specialists Hillside CD Productions at What are you waiting for?
Check back for my reviews of the other two new GDM Western releases, namely John Il Bastardo and Spara Gringo Spara - coming soon.


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