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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Alain Resnais teams with Mark Snow on Private Fears in Public Places

It may seem an unlikely pairing, legendary 83-year old French director Alain Resnais and composer Mark Snow, probably best known for his work on TV's The X-Files, but apparently Resnais has long been a fan of the composer and now finally gets to work with him on his latest film Coeurs (known internationally as Private Fears in Public Places). The film is Resnais' second collaboration with playwright Alan Ayckborn and is adapted from the award-winning play, which follows "six lonely characters and the strange circumstances that connect them."
I received an advance CD of the score, courtesy of Costa Communications, which is quite brief at just under 21 minutes, and opens and closes with Snow's main theme, which is tinged with loneliness to start with but develops into a pleasant, flowing piece for piano, orchestra (live or sampled, I find it difficult to tell) and synths.
Snow's subsequent score is very much in his familiar style, with some sensitive, intimate scoring, as well as more flowing pieces and almost dreamlike moments, coupled with more threatening, percussive pieces. It all leaves one begging for more. Whether there is more music in the film I cannot say, nor do I have any information as to whether the score will be released on CD, I'm afraid. I do know that the film opened in France on November 22nd and hope that it will receive some kind of international release, which is not always easy to achieve in these days where the blockbuster rules. It's certainly a fascinating pairing and gives Snow the chance to show his talents are not solely reserved for the small screen.


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