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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

CD REVIEW - Lost - Season 2

Lost - Season 2
Music by Michael Giacchino
Varese Sarabande VSD 6759 (EU)
26 Tracks 65:02 mins

Fans of that most surreal of TV shows, Lost, will be delighted that there is now a second volume of music available, taken from the second season, and featuring yet more of Michael Giacchino's inventive scoring for small orchestra.
It's very much more of the same, with menacing, almost tribal music in the likes of "Peace Through Superior Firepower," "Just Another Day on the Beach" and "I Crashed Your Plane, Brotha." And there's plenty of suspense, none moreso than in the painfully tense "The Final Countdown." Along the way however, there are more lyrical moments like in the warm piano, guitar, cello and strings of "Hurley's Handouts;" the moving "The Gathering," where strings rise to spiritual heights; and the emotional "Shannon's Farewell." There's even room for a spot of romance in "Rose and Bernard."
The final score cue, "Bon Voyage, Traitor," goes through a wide range of emotions before reaching it's menacing climax as Michael and son sail away, leaving their friends to an uncertain fate.
I read somewhere that fans were disappointed that the "End Title" music wasn't included in the first volume of music from Season 1. Well, the "End Title" from Season 2 is featured here, and I hope, for their sake, that this is the music they seek. Unfortunately, these days I seldom listen to end credits music as British TV announcers have the totally annoying habit of speaking over the meat of them, often totally ruining whatever mood has been created by the conclusion of the film or programme. A sorry state of affairs indeed.


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