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Saturday, October 21, 2006

CD REVIEW - The Prophecy II

The Prophecy
Music by David Williams
Perseverance Records PRD 015 (U.S.A.)
20 Tracks 55:22 mins

For this sequel to the The Prophecy (see my review of October 7th), composer David Williams got the chance to revisit his music for the original and develop it somewhat. There's still plenty of threatening, suspenseful and atmospheric music, again with violent bursts of action. If anything though, the choir is more ever-present, with solo voices breaking through here and there.
This album is not quite as long as that for the first film, which helps, but I do actually prefer this one of the two, due possibly to more use of the main theme, be it the introductory ethereal voices or the surging, full choral theme itself. Also the moments of conflict seem a little more powerful somehow. The purposeful theme, which always seemed a little at odds with the rest of the music, introduced in the first film, only gets a brief workout here at the end of "Raphael."
Possibly my favourite track on the album is "Gabriel's Return," which boasts a big,impressive opening for soprano and chorus, before concluding in powerful dissonance.
As with all Perseverance's releases, the CD is accompanied by an impressive, colourful booklet, with extensive notes by Paul Tonks and the composer himself.


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