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Friday, October 20, 2006

MAGAZINE REVIEW - Music from the Movies Issue 50/51

Music from the Movies has reached its 50th issue, which is cause for celebration indeed when I think back to the number of film music orientated magazines, including my own modest effort, that have bitten the dust since I first began to seriously pursue the art.
Obviously this, another bumper double issue, in its editorial, spends a little time looking back on the magazine's history, but then it's on with the goodies we've come to expect with the main features being extensive coverage of the recent blockbuster movies, including Superman Returns, with recording sessions pictures and interviews with composer John Ottman and director Bryan Singer; X-Men 3, featuring composer John Powell and director Brett Ratner; the remake of The Omen, with composer Marco Beltrami and director John Moore; and Mission: Impossible III, with composer Michael Giacchino and director JJ Abrahams, which again features recording sessions coverage. Shorter pieces feature Debbie Wiseman and Don Black on their collaboration on the stage musical Feather Boy; Anne Dudley on Tristan & Isolde and Black Book; and there is also a welcome interview with orchestra contractor Isobel Griffiths, one of the unsung heroines of the business. In addition, Michael Beek takes a look at the music for the Superman films thus far, and composer Ken Thorne talks about his work on Supermans 2 and 3. There is also a tribute to the late, great Akira Ifukube, plus news, CD, DVD and concert reviews, but I've saved the best for last, a well-deserved 12-page tribute to the much-missed Ron Goodwin, including much archival interview material. At 110 pages, that little lot should keep you happily reading for an hour or two! Visit to order your copy.


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