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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

CD REVIEW - The Ultimate James Bond Film Music Collection

The Ultimate James Bond Film Music Collection
Music by Various Composers
Silva Screen SILKD1212 (U.K.)
4 Discs 59 Tracks 220.23 mns

This four-CD set is due to appear on 30th October, to celebrate the release of, and to usher in what I'm sure the producers are hoping will be a new era of James Bond sagas, with Casino Royale, featuring the rugged Daniel Craig as the new incarnation of the famous British Secret Service agent.
It's a pretty exhaustive collection, with suites and themes from all the legitimate Bond films, plus bonus material featuring music from Never Say Never Again and the original spoof version of Casino Royale, pretty decently performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic, though at times perhaps lacking that vital spark present in the original performances.
If you want to explore the musical world of James Bond and don't feel like investing in all the original soundtrack albums, this may just be the thing for you but, having said this, beware, because, apart from the aforementioned bonus tracks, plus two tracks from the last Pierce Brosnan Bond outing, Die Another Day, all of this music was previously available on the same label's The James Bond Collection, another attractively packaged four-disc set, released four years ago. So, if you have this, you may want to think twice about adding this new release to your collection. But then again, you may wish to replace your old one with this updated effort.


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