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Friday, May 12, 2006

CD REVIEW - Quel Gran Pezzo Della Ubalda Tutta Nuda e Tutta Calda

Quel Gran Pezzo DellaUbalda Tutta Nuda e Tutta Calda
Music by Bruno Nicolai
Digitmovies CDDM055
25 Tracks 59:39 mins

This medieval comedy from 1972 starred the lovely Edwige Fenech and Karin Schubert and received a highly tuneful, if a little repetitive score by Bruno Nicolai, receiving its premiere recording here in the usual fine stereo sound.
Nicolai composed a nice easy-going, often flute or harpsichord-lead comic theme, which makes many appearances over the course of the album. There is another nice, easy-going theme, which crops up less often, but which is given a very good, popped-up treatment in the unused finale, included as one of two bonus tracks at the end of the disc, the other being an even better treatment of the theme, with wordless choir added. There is also a sunny flute theme, which makes far too few appearances and an outright comic theme, often lead by bassoon.
The composer also makes use of a very nice love theme he composed for 1969's Zenabel, which is given a simply gorgeous treatment for orchestra in choir in "C'era una Volta." None of the other tracks in fact have titles, which makes this particular one stand out even more.
You certainly could not wish to hear a more jolly and tuneful album than this, which has the added bonus of being accompanied by the usual colourful booklet, which features amongst its stills and poster artwork a couple of topless pictures of Miss Fenech. There is however scant photographic coverage of Miss Schubert, who of course later achieved notoriety as a fully-fledged porn star. A synopsis and Claudio Fuiano's usual informative notes make up the package.


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