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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

CD REVIEW - Factotum

Music by Kristin Asbjornsen
Milan 9903 99001-2 (EU)
21 Tracks 50:48 mins

Kristin Asbjornsen is apparently one of the leading singers in the Scandinavian rock scene and this is her first film score for Bent Hamer's Factotum, which stars Matt Dillon, and is based on the life of American cult favourite writer Charles Bukowski. Asbjornsen incorporates the writer's poems into her songs, performed by herself and her band Dadafon.
The main songs are the lilting, almost circusy "I Wish to Weep" and the dreary, hypnotic "Slow Day," which the singer performs painfully in her raspy Bonnie Tyleresque voice.
The instrumentals are somewhat of the trippy variety, with repetitive grooves and ethereal wordless vocal tracks, and quite a few of them are variations on the songs.
It's certainly not your typical film score, which was I am sure the aim - a different film score experience to say the least.


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