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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

CD REVIEW - The Triangle

The Triangle
Music by Joseph LoDuca
La-La Land Records LLLCD 1043
21 Tracks 53:08 mins

Joseph LoDuca is probably best known for his stirring music for the TV series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess. Often his music for those shows strongly reminded one of other composers' works and for this six-hour mini-series, produced for the Sci Fi Channel and the BBC, from Bryan Singer and Dean Devlin, he has composed a propulsive main theme that is very reminiscent of John Powell's work, and I'm thinking of the Bourne films in particular. Whatever, it certainly adds excitement through the several variations present on this disc, which largely moves along suspensefully, with some menacing action, and a few dissonant and ethereal moments, no doubt representing some otherworldly event or other. LoDuca combines orchestra and synths effectively throughout, with piano, harp and guitar in particular shining in the quieter moments in the score, the penultimate track "New Lives," being a particular highlight in this respect. Just prior to that comes perhaps the highlight of the score, the soaring "It's Over," which utilises choir for the first and only time.
As always, the enterprising label accompanies the CD with an attractive illustrated booklet, featuring notes on the series, plus the thoughts of Devlin and his composer.
Let's hope it won't be long before the series gets an airing on the BBC, so I can come to fully appreciate LoDuca's efforts.


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