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Monday, February 20, 2006

Congratulations to John Williams on his BAFTA Award for Memoirs of a Geisha.

CD REVIEW - Age of Empires III

Age of Empires III
Music by Stephen Rippy & Kevin McMullan
Sumthing Else Music Works SE-2022-2 (U.S.)
27 Tracks 47:07 mins

This latest episode in the rel-time strategy game series by Ensemble Studios and Microsoft Games Studios features music by regular contributors Stephen Rippy and Kevin McMullan.
This episode covers the colonization of the Americas and therefore needed an epic sound, provided by the Northwest Sinfonia and choir, but also more intimate, folksy and even ethnic-styled tracks, featuring the likes of violin and guitar and even pipes are occasionally used to add a Celtic feel.
The score opens with its martial-based main theme, with the mysterious Celtic-feel of "Across the Ocean Sea" quickly following. Choir first makes its presence felt in "Felonius Junk" and continues in support of the action cue "Ruinon." A variety of moods follow; there's awe in "J. Menevro," a little comedy in "Scruffy and Underfed" and suspense in "A Hot Meal." "Of Licious" features a violin solo and the instrument returns to play a kind of lullaby at the end of "Best With Us." "Muptop" features a capella choir and a guitar solo as the action picks up. There's even a hoedown in "Old Timer," before choir returns for the doom-laden "Take His Toes." "Happy to You" has a distinct ethnic feel and "Camels, Straws and Backs" delivers more action writing. "Last Name Crane, Icabod" opens with choir before4 becoming a bouncy mover. Choir rejoins for a mystical ending.
The final three tracks on the CD are very different in style, starting with "Ludud Perditus," another a capella choral; followed by the Regency-styled "Niceterium;" then the easy-listening folk of the "End Credits."
A bonus DVD accompanies the disc, which features 6 minutes of additional cues, 7 minutes of footage from the recording sessions and the cinematic trailer.
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I know John Williams is going to win the academy award for this also...I am sick of Williams' music (and horners and newton howards, etc.)

There needs to be more creativity in film music.

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