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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

CD REVIEW - Ballata per un Pistolero

Ballata per un Pistolero
Music by Marcello Giombini
GDM 2064 (Italy)
22 Tracks 47:00 mins

Unlike yesterday's western score, this one, from 1967, is much more in traditional vein, with a couple of typical themes for the genre - a galloping theme with electric guitar lead, first heard in Titoli, which is reprised throughout, and a dramatic trumpet-lead theme, which again features extensively, sometimes played by organ, as in the hushed Sepoltura dei Morti and Al Tramonto, with its tolling bell accompaniment.
There is quite a bit of variety in the score besides, with some suspenseful and dramatic moments, a couple of honky tonk barroom piano tracks and a Mexican dance. The album concludes with Peppino Gagliardi's Italian vocal of the title song (basically the trumpet theme I have previously referred to).
Attractively presented with full colour artwork, but again no notes, this is a worthy addition to any Italian Western music collection.
Again, I would suggest a visit to, where Lionel Woodman will be glad to help you with your Italian soundtrack requirements. Incidentally, for those of you who read my review yesterday, Lionel tells me that Alessandroni told him that Nora did her own whistling, so she must have listened and learned from the master, as she did a pretty good job of sounding like him.


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