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Monday, February 13, 2006

CD REVIEW - Seven Swords

Seven Swords
Music by Kenji Kawai
EMI 0094633695429 (Hong Kong)
17 Tracks 69:32 mins

This is the second recent score from Kenji Kawai I have reviewed on the site and another entertaining effort it is too, quite as enjoyable as Innocence. This Samurai adventure is filled with exciting, heroic and menacing action music, often featuring the propulsive main theme, which is given some good workouts throughout this album. Unike Innocence, the score features little ambient music. Most notable is the otherwordly Woman from Yonder. Ethnic dance music, with wordless female choir features in Mount Heaven Serenade; and romance is introduced in In Search of Beauty and Life.
The score is largely orchestral, with some traditional instruments, but does feature electronics to a degree, though these rarely intrude. The final three cues bring the score to a fine climax, starting with the fateful build then action of The Final Sword Battle-The Dragon vs the Transcience; quickly followed by the celebratory Children at Dawn, which does indeed feature children's choir; with Seven Swords' Victory reprising the main action material, with just a hint of the love theme in its midst.
I look forward to discovering more of Kenji Kawai's music in the future.


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