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Thursday, December 01, 2005

CD REVIEWS - La Morte Risale A Ieri Sera & Stay

La Morte Risale A Ieri Sera
Music by Gianni Ferrio
Digitmovies CDDM039
18 Tracks 45:01 mins

Gianni Ferrio's music for this 1970 giallo drama, directed by Duccio Tessari, is very much of its time, typical, tuneful jazz-pop, with a couple of very catchy themes, one with trumpet lead, the other heard in a variety of arrangements,including two bonus vocal tracks, performed by Mina, not present on the original album, which it turned out included the complete score, so hence this release is not an extended version like many of the label's releases. Other tracks present source dance music, jazzy action, a church organ solo and a little suspense; but it's a largely melodic album, which makes for a pleasant listening experience. The accompanying booklet is as usual informative and colourful.

Music by Asche & Spencer
Varese Sarabande VSD-6693
13 Tracks 32:10 mins

Composing firm Asche & Spencer's second collaboration with Monster's Ball director Marc Foster is for a thriller starring Ewan McGregor, Naomi Watts, Ryan Gosling and Bob Hoskins and deals with a psychiatrist's attempts to keep a client from committing suicide. It is perhaps therefore no surprise then that the music score is largely downbeat with lonely piano and yearning strings, backed by waves of electronic noise. There is a slight suggestion of hope struggling through, but if you do happen to feel suicidal, for goodness sake don't give this disc a spin - it might just tip you over the edge.


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