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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

OFF THE WIRES - Soundtrack, Film & Game Music News Just In

INTRADA Announces:


INTRADA Special Collection Volume 27

INTRADA's latest Special Collection release features a 1950s
double-header from the vaults of 20th Century Fox. WARLOCK (1959)
boasted an all-star cast that included Henry Fonda, Richard Widmark,
Anthony Quinn and Dorothy Malone. The plot seems simple enough at first
-- cowboys from the nearby San Pablo ranch regularly terrorize the
frontier town of Warlock. The townspeople hire gunman Clay Blaisdell
(Fonda) as the new marshal to restore law and order. Things
are no longer quite so simple. Leigh Harline provided a striking and
dramatic main theme and underscores the action with a brooding intensity.

The robbery plot of VIOLENT SATURDAY (1955) provides the backbone for a
story about everyday life in a small-town America. Three crooks (Stephen
McNally, J. Carrol Naish and Lee Marvin) plan a cunning weekend heist
which will have dramatic repercussions for many in the Arizona town,
including the mine manager (Victor Mature) who tries to understand his
misbehaving son (Billy Chapin); his alcoholic boss (Richard Egan)who
tries to cope with an unfaithful wife (Margaret Hayes); and the bank
manager (Tommy Noonan) who can't hide his peeping-tom behavior and the
the local librarian (Sylvia Sidney) he threatens over late loan
payments. Ultimately, they are all caught up in the chaos and death
associated with the robbery. Hugo Friedhofer wrote a sparse and complex
score, deliberately choosing which scenes to accompany.

Both scores are presented in stereo directly from the original stereo
session elements. This Intrada Special Collection release is limited to
1200 copies.

INTRADA Special Collection - Volume 27
Available December 2005
For cover art, track listing, and sound samples, please visit

From Costa Communications

Depicts Journey of Renowned Writer Truman Capote
In Writing of In Cold Blood

(LOS ANGELES, CA) - Recognized as a pioneer of combining non-Western sound sources with orchestral and electronic minimalism in film music, BMI composer Mychael Danna has recently scored "Capote" for director Bennett
Miller. Danna's score sets the tone for the inspirational true-life story of novelist Truman Capote, who has decided to investigate the murders of the
Clutter family in Kansas as a possible subject for a non-fiction novel after being tired of writing fiction. The film stars Philip Seymour Hoffman and
Catherine Keener and is directed by Bennett Miller. It is written by Dan Futterman based on the book by Gerald Clarke.

In the film, Philip Seymour Hoffman portrays Truman Capote's emotional and psychic dissolution during the period of investigation about Clutter murders and creation of the book In Cold Blood. The complex love-and-hate association between Truman Capote and the murderer Perry Smith shows the slow erosion of Capote's personality as the film develops. According to
Hollywood Reporter, "Mychael Danna's muted score, relying heavily on the piano, never intrudes but only amplifies the dramatic content."

Starting off his film music career by scoring feature debut "Family Viewing" for Atom Egoyan in 1987, Danna was honored with Canadian film award by this score. He has been nominated for eleven times in the Canadian film award. He also earns reputation by the incorporation of ethnic influences into the body of contemporary film scoring aesthetics. This fame led him to work with acclaimed directors such as Atom Egoyan, Ang Lee, Scott Hicks, Gilles MacKinnon, Mira Nair, James Mangold and Joel Schumacher.

Danna studied music composition at the University of Toronto, winning the Glenn Gould Composition Scholarship in 1985. He also served for five years as composer-in-residence at the McLaughlin Planetarium in Toronto from 1987 to 1992.

Danna has proven his versatility from scoring Moroccan music in "8MM" to
American old-time music in "Ride With the Devil" to European medieval and Persian music in "The Sweet Hereafter", as well as all the eight movies by director Atom Egoyan, including "Where The Truth Lies", "Aarat", "Felicia's Journey", "Exotica", "The Adjuster", and "Speaking Parts". In addition to "Capote", his film work this year will include "Black" for director Sanjay Leela Bhansali and "Tideland" for director Terry Gilliam.

From Top Dollar PR



Award-winning Composer Records Cinematics and In-game
Soundtrack with Hollywood Studio Symphony

Los Angeles, California - November 29th, 2005 - Following his work on the dramatic orchestral music for the cinematics in Prince of Persia Warrior Within, award-winning composer Inon Zur recently recorded the east-meets-west flavoured orchestral score for Prince of Persia The Two ThronesTM, the third volume in the acclaimed Prince of Persia=AE franchise from Ubisoft. Zur applied his film and television scoring background to create an epic soundtrack worthy of the silver screen and conducted the Hollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra at the Eastwood Scoring Stage, Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California.

The team members for Zur's recording session included: Simon Pressey - Ubisoft Artistic Audio Director, Dori Amarilio - mixing engineer and co-producer, Paul Taylor - orchestration and music preparation, Debbi Datz-Pyle - orchestra contractor, and Greg Deenan - Warner Bros. Studio manager.

Simon Pressey, Artistic Audio Director for Prince of Persia The Two ThronesTM, said, "Inon has really out done himself; His music brings to life the dramatic emotion of the Prince of Persia's epic story, seamlessly blending the powerful majestic beauty of the symphony with evocative, exotic eastern ethnic instrumentation that's totally authentic for the world of the Prince. The Hollywood Studio Orchestra, unlike any other in the world, has an innate sense when interpreting music for picture; the result is spectacular and moving in the same instance. The professionalism of the crew at the Eastwood scoring stage is unparalleled, and the sound indescribably beautiful."

Additionally, Zur collaborated with Stuart Chatwood, who composed the music for Prince of Persia=AE The Sands of Time. By combining Zur's cinematic orchestral and unique ethnic instrumentation with Chatwood's own distinct rhythmic styles, Prince of Persia The Two ThronesTM delivers the most cinematic and immersive audio experience in the franchise to date.

Commenting on the collaborative component of the game's score, Pressey added, "The combination of Stuart's music that is laced with unforgettable melody and in-the-pocket ethnic groove, and Inon's turn-on-a dime powerfully descriptive orchestration is making this the soundtrack that I've always wanted for the series. The collaboration between them has been wonderful with selfless exchange of ideas, which makes for the sum being greater than the parts. I hope everyone enjoys the music as much as I am!"

Inon Zur's powerful orchestral scores have previously featured in the promotional trailers for Hollywood movies such as Kingdom of Heaven, Fantastic Four, The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy and The Pacifier. His highly emotive music can also be heard in the hit television series Into The West from Executive Producer Steven Spielberg and DreamWorks Television. Inon Zur is managed by Four Bars Intertainment (North America) and Wave Generation (Canada). For more information visit

Scheduled for release this Holiday season, Prince of Persia The Two ThronesTM takes the best features of Prince of Persia=AE The Sands of Time and Prince of Persia Warrior WithinTM and combines them with new gameplay elements such as a second playable character, an intuitive Speed Kill system, outdoor Babylon environment, chariot combat racing and more. With such elements, Prince of Persia The Two ThronesTM is poised to take the action-adventure gaming experience to a new level.
For more information visit

Prince of Persia The Two ThronesTM is to be released in December 2005 for the PlayStation=AE2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox=AE video game system from Microsoft, the Nintendo GameCubeTM and the PC-CD Rom.


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