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Saturday, November 26, 2005

CD REVIEW - A History of Violence

A History of Violence
Music by Howard Shore
Silva Screen SILCD 1194 (UK)
14 Tracks 40:20 mins.

After his epic journey through the whole Lord of the Rings phenomenon, Shore is now slipping back into more intimate, familiar, territory (especially so now his King Kong score has sadly been rejected), reuniting with long-time collaborator director David Cronenberg for this tale of an unassuming man, whose act of courage in thwarting a robbery, attracts the unwelcome attention of mobsters, convinced he is not the man he claims to be.
Shore's music is largely low-key, dark and suspenseful, but with powerful horns and timpani supporting any violent on-screen action. There are however a couple of more gentle themes, introduced at the start of the album. Tom is noble and has a Celtic feel, while Cheerleader is warm and tender, with flute and strings. Hints of these themes appear throughout the score, but they only find freedom again in Ending, when presumably the danger is resolved.


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