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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


From: "Perseverance Records"

Simon Boswell‘s
Jason and the Argonauts
Available for Pre-Order Now

Perseverance Records PRD 036
Will ship the first week of October 2010.

This beautiful score from the epic Hallmark miniseries is available
for the first time ever on CD. The album had been compiled by the
composer himself for the airing of the show. Sadly, or luckily for
us, plans for a CD release weren‘t pursued. It starts with the
magnificent „Jason‘s Theme“, which meanders through the album
and closes it on the last track. There is a wonderful „Love
Theme“, as well as a bold statement for „The Golden Fleece“. A
breathtaking score.

To order, click here:

01 Jason‘s Theme 2:24
02 Destiny / The Bull 9:45
03 Mother / Gathering Argonauts 2:42
04 Map of the Stars 5:46
05 The Edge of the World 3:50
06 Battle 5:40
07 Love Theme 0:55
08 The Truth 5:53
09 Prince to the People 5:26
10 Table of the Gods 4:44
11 A Thief‘s Tale 2:42
12 Death of the Dragon 0:58
13 The Golden Fleece 0:54
14 Pyre 1:11
15 Orpheus 1:44
16 The End of the Quest 3:19

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