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Saturday, April 03, 2010


Vendetta per Vendetta
Music by Angelo F. Lavagnino
GDM Hillside Series GDM 4128
14 Tracks 47:53 mins

Dipping into the GDM Hillside Series recent back catalogue, here we have Angelo F. Lavagnino's score for the 1968 western Vendetta per Vendetta (or Vengeance for Vengeance), which starred an ageing John Ireland. The score is characterised by its fine main theme, which appears throughout the score in various arrangements and moods, and which opens the album and alternates between dramatic whistling and free-flowing orchestra, all accompanied by some unusual percussive effects. "Attesa Infernale" opens in suspenseful fashion, but then reprises the main theme nostalgically, before ending as it began. There's more suspense in "Rabbia e Amore," before a gentle flute variation on the main theme takes over, turning more harsh with guitars at its conclusion. The lively Mexican dance "Fiesta!" follows,before things turn suspenseful again with "Duello Ossessivo," which becomes progressively disturbing with a persistent organ figure and dark notes on the piano. A different and very enjoyable arrangement of the main theme follows, presenting it in a more propulsive, galloping way. There's more suspense in "Ombre nel Canyon," with some weird vocal effects, leading to a fateful new theme and back to that organ figure from before. Two more Mexican dances bookend the suspenseful "Imboscata Sotto il Sole," then comes the low-key nostalgia of "Tranquillita' e Ansia." The final "Fiesta!" offering is a dramatic Spanish guitar solo, which leads to the penultimate track, "L'Ultimo Duello," a lengthy recapitulation of all the suspenseful stuff from before, with a turbulent percussive ending.
The album finishes satisfyingly with a brief reprise of the main theme.
Perhaps spoilt by an over-dependency on the suspenseful material, this score nevertheless boasts a fine main theme, and some catchy Mexican source material, if you like that sort of thing.
The colourful accompanying booklet features no notes, but plenty of colour stills and original artwork from the film. Order your copy of this very limited edition release from


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