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Thursday, April 01, 2010


Music by Yury Poteyenko
KeepMoving Records KMRCD 011 (Russia)
15 Tracks 30:09 mins

Another fairly brief score from Yury Poteyenko, this time for the 2007 film about the life of legendary Estonian singer George Ots. Knowing nothing about the man, I can only assume it wasn't a happy life, based purely on Poteyenko's melancholy score. Most of the cues are of this nature, and some are filled with angst; though, on the whole, it's a very melodic score, and there are lovely moments like the theme at the heart of the spiritual "Salvation." There are a couple of piano solos along the way; the delicate "Georg and Asta" and the folksy "Present," which is later developed warmly with strings in the closing score track, "Farewell." The final two tracks are piano source; the first, an old-fashioned "Ragtime" tune; the second, the laid-back "Dancing with Her."
Limited to just 500 units, visit to listen to samples and purchase your copy.


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