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Friday, December 11, 2009


The House of the Devil/I Can See You
Music by Jeff Grace
MovieScore Media MMS-09026
26 Tracks 64:31 mins

The latest from MovieScore Media favourite Jeff Grace features two recent scores, the first for The Roost's director Ti West's horror The House of the Devil; the second for Graham Reznick's thriller I Can See You. Reznick also contributed two tracks of his own composition to the score.
The former sports an eerie, unsettling theme for detuned piano and strings, first heard in "Opening," and both feature prominently throughout this largely mysterious and largely low key score, though it does have its dissonant, menacing moments, particularly in its later stages, with some powerful writing in the likes of "Mother," "Chalice," "On the Run," and "He's Calling."
The piano theme returns in much lighter, more conventional mode at the start of the penultimate title track.
I Can See You is a more varied score, opening with the beat-driven electronics of "Today in New York City" (the first of Reznick's tracks, the other being the similarly electronic, drifting "Where Are You Now?). As for the bulk of the score, Grace features detuned piano again in "Pitch Meeting and the concluding "Passing Trees;" mixes synths and live strings in the dreamy ""Summer Day;" employs dissonance in abundance; provides jungle-like percussion in "Doug Escapes;" and, by further contrast, features solo strummed guitar to provide a rural feel to "Swimming Hole."
Go to for samples, a trailer for The House of the Devil, and for details as to how to obtain the release, on CD, or as a digital download.


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