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Saturday, August 01, 2009


As you know, I'm a film score kind of guy, but I can appreciate good music in all its many forms and, though I confess to not having sat through many musical films in my time, I have nonetheless seen many bits and pieces of them over the years. A few years back an enterprising fellow by the name of John Wilson began championing the music of old Hollywood, both from dramatic and musical productions, and I had the pleasure of attending one of his concerts which featured a cross-section from both.

At last television has seen fit to reward Mr. Wilson's efforts by programming a concert of music from the M-G-M musicals as part of the BBC Proms this year. I hope some of you will have caught the concert live on BBC 2 this evening, but those of you who didn't I would urge to seek it out on the BBC i Player. It was a truly magical concert, Wilson leading his most excellent orchestra and chorus, together with a small band of featured vocalists, drawn from various fields, in a spellbinding hour of musical genius. Bravo all concerned!


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