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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The Devil's Tomb
Music by Bill Brown
MovieScore Media MMS09017
20 Tracks 55:59 mins

Bill Brown is best known for the numerous game scores he has written over recent years, and he has also taken considerable steps into TV, becoming the regular composer for CSI:NY. Obviously the next step is into film and here he goes with his music for the supernatural action thriller The Devil's Tomb, already available on DVD in the US, which stars Cuba Gooding Jr, Ray Winstone and Ron Perlman and is directed by none other than Jason Connery.
Much of Brown's work to date has been created synthetically, and this score is no exception, but there are also orchestral elements, recorded in Prague, and choir thrown into the mix.
The disc gets underway with a good old fashioned "Overture," which opens with menacing action writing before turning mysterious. Indeed, much of the score is by necessity mysterious and suspenseful, but "Sandstorm" does have it's rocking moments, with all guitars blazing and a percussive action ending. Choir makes its first appearance, giving weight to the conclusion of "The Message" and takes a much more menacing and savage role in the action of "The Elevator," going on to enhance a number of subsequent shock moments in the subsequent score; whilst more action writing can be found at the conclusions of "Look Out!" "Hallucinations" and "Return of the Father;" as well as throughout "Rumblings" and the penultimate cue "Escape." The final cue, "Resolution" offers a brief moment of spirituality after all the mayhem that has gone before.
Available both on CD and to download, go to for ordering details, samples and a trailer.


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