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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Max Manus
Music by Trond Bjerknes
MovieScore Media MMD 0002
19 Tracks 45:27 mins

Both critically acclaimed and popular with audiences, this Norwegian World War II action thriller is directed by Joachim Roenning and stars Aksel Hennie. The score is composed by one of Norway's leading film composers, Trond Bjerknes, a new name to me, but I'm always interested to sample the work of a composer with whose work I am unfamiliar.
A story of a wartime saboteur is, as you would expect, accompanied by much tense and dramatic music, and there is plenty of this in the likes of "The Window Jumper," "Donau Attack," "Before Donau," "Burning the Archive," "The Bridge," "Limpets on Aker," "Execution," "Control Post," and "Max and Hitler." But there are also proud, solemn, reflective and even tragic moments, occasionally featuring solo trumpet, as in the "Opening"and "Military Training;" and piano and/or strings in "Liquidations," "The Train," and "Ski Ride." A brief moment of romance is offered in the piano-lead "Tikken and Max;" whilst a feeling of industry and hope is given to "Propaganda Montage."
Trumpet returns to play a lament over strings and poignant piano in "The End," with reflective piano following in the title track; the album closing in big and dramatic fashion with the "End Credits."
The Max Manus album is available for download as an iTunes exclusive.


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