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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hotel for Dogs
Music by John Debney
Costa Communications Promo
32 Tracks 60:11 mins

A new family comedy reaching UK screens is Hotel for Dogs, starring Julia's niece Emma Roberts, supported by Friends' Lisa Kudrow and Don Cheadle.
The score is written by John Debney, but unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge, no score album has been released, only an album of songs. The composer's publicists have however kindly sent me a copy of his score, recorded at Warner Bros. Eastwood Stage, with a 90-piece orchestra and acoustic guitars, so I can at least give you an idea of what to expect, should you go see the film.
The disc gets off to a bright and breezy start with "Dinner is Served" and indeed a fair bit of this light, lively and melodious scoring features in subsequent tracks, with some heroics thrown in here and there; whilst there are also moments of comic sneakiness and pure slapstick, straight out of the old mickey mouse school of scoring. Of course, the composer also knows how to tug at the heartstrings, when needs be, in tracks like "A Family Someday," "Bernie Picks up Kids," "Rooftop Talks, "Georgia and Her Hat," "Brother and Sister Separated," and "Friday Searches;" and also when to add modern rhythmic elements to the orchestra, as in the purposeful "Rounding up the Strays," and the Thomas Newmanesque touches in the likes of "Stealing Food."
"Puppy Love" is an interesting track, starting and ending quite bluesy, with flowing action in between, all the time being lead by harmonica; and "Kitchen Mayhem" bursts into flowing Latin-styled music at one point. Choir enters the mix at the awe-filled opening of "The Pee Room."
The score does have its darker, mysterious and lightly threatening moments, as in the opening of "Hotel Discovery Pt.2;" "Psycho Sheep," the title of which gives away the approach taken; and the dramatic "Pound Break-Out."
The longest tracks on the disc, at just over 4 minutes each, are "The Big Run Home," a fine rollercoaster of a light action cue, and "Bernie's Speech" which, after a tentative start, warms nicely to present yet more variations on the sweeping and quite charming main theme, heard throughout the score. The theme concludes satisfyingly in "Welcome to the Hotel," before a brief and lively reprise in "Hotel Finale."
All in all, yet another charming and fun little score from the composer, with plenty to enjoy, and I do hope some enterprising label sees fit to give it a commercial release.


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