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Thursday, December 04, 2008


Music by Wolfram De Marco
MovieScore Media MMS08020
12 Tracks 48:00 mins

This murder mystery from Erik van Looy (The Alzheimer Case) features a score by Wolfram De Marco, principally known for his arranging work on the likes of Poseidon, Constantine and Catwoman, and is performed by the London Metropolitan Orchestra, enhanced by electronics.
The score gets underway with the title track, which begins with propulsive strings, but ends with a feeling of tragedy and doom. "Flirt," despite its title, is a rather melancholy affair, beginning with tentative piano, before developing on strings. "Lies," by contrast, returns us to the propulsive feel of the score's opening, increasing in intensity to a shattering climax. Next comes "Shadow," with its nervy, travelling opening; followed by the largely atonal threat of "Breakdown." The propulsive strings return in full force for the lengthy "Casino," flowing on toward an intense climax, the cue ending atonally again.
The tragic strings of "Traitor" lead us to the weighty "Revenge;" resuming again in "Murder," before lightening up and moving along to a gentle percussive rhythm, only to end on an ominous note. "Body" is another sad-stringed affair, ending darkly again; followed by the penultimate track "Letter," a fine piece of "showdown" music, driven on by those propulsive strings again, leading to a powerful drum solo, before strings provide the resolve. The final track, "End," moves along conspiratorially with what sounds like duduk floating in and out.
Available from the likes of Screen Archives and Intrada in a limited edition run of 1000 CDs, you can of course also download the album from

News from Perseverance Records

AVAILABLE NOW on iTunes and other online retailers
The Interior (Original Soundtrack)
by Edwin Wendler

The Interior is an internet series whose cast was assembled via YouTube audition videos. Independently financed and shot on location in Panama, The Interior tells the gripping story of Bonni and Michael, two newlyweds joining a missionary camp in the middle of the jungle. Their noble intentions and idealism are soon put into question by none other than their mentor, Alan, and his eccentric wife, Gloria. Subsequently, Bonni and Michael embark on a journey which puts them in danger of losing themselves, and each other. The Interior's creators, Helmut Schleppi and Geert Heetebrij, never take sides and never get "preachy", while carefully and intelligently exploring all angles of contemporary missionary work. The production is aided by strong acting, cutting-edge cinematography/editing, evocative sound design, an effective score, and a truly unique main title song.

This soundtrack release includes:
1. the popular main title track, The Gold You Seek, by Alluvial Soil (Mike Ator and Edwin Wendler) in its original version as well as an extended "radio edit" especially created for this album
2. the rap song Escapa, performed by Maximo and Kubanita, written by Edwin Wendler and Maximo, produced by Seville of Rap Illustrated Magazine.
3. score by Edwin Wendler

What makes this online soundtrack release truly special is its 9-page digital booklet (included with iTunes album download) which consists of song lyrics, musical analysis, a note from the director, and more.

Visit The Interior at
Download the iTunes album at


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