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Thursday, November 27, 2008


Let The Right One In
Music by Johan Soderqvist
MovieScore Media MMS08022
21 Tracks 46:51 mins

The composer of Things We Lost in the Fire, Johan Soderqvist, has provided the orchestral score for the award-winning horror drama Let the Right One In, in which a bullied boy finds salvation in the form of an alliance with a female vampire. Of his music the composer says that it "gave me the opportunity to write a score that consists of both darkness and light. The filmmakers weren't looking for your typical horror soundtrack. The most important quality of the music in this film had to be melody and harmony, so even if the overall tone of the film and the score is dark and atmospheric, there is always a sense of hope and beauty."
The opening track, "The Arrival," speaks of sadness and oppression, but is followed by the slightly more hopeful "Eli and Oscar," with "Eli's Theme" a lovely, romantic stringed affair. We're back on darker territory again with "The Slaughter," which builds ominously to a disturbing conclusion. "Oscar in Love" is a delicate, tender piano interlude, before more darkness in "Hiding the Body." Hope surfaces briefly again in "After the Fight," before the poignant strings of "Oscar Strikes Back. The eerie "Virgina Wakes Up" follows, giving way to a very nice guitar-lead waltz in "The Father."
The score then heads firmly down the darker path, with cold, ominous and suspenseful atmospheres broken up by occasional surges of violence; just pausing now and then, as in "Then We Are Together," "Eli Bleeds," and the guitar variation on the main theme at the opening of "Going Home," to provide some tenderness and beauty along the way.
The album ends with the title track, which opens tentatively, before the guitar waltz leads us to a reprise of "Eli's Theme," concluding the score on a lovely, melodic note.
The album has received a limited CD release of just 500 copies, so you'd best hurry along to the likes of Screen Archives or Intrada, if you hope to grab a copy. Alternatively, you can download it from
Go to for further details.


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