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Monday, March 03, 2008


Bruno Nicolai - Movie Songs Book
Gemelli GG CD 2505 (Italy)
19 Tracks 54:32 mins

For all his dramatic scores for all genres of Italian cinema, his westerns being the most familiar to me, Bruno Nicolai co-wrote many a fine song for the screen during the '60s and '70s. Of course, the westerns gave him ample opportunity to write a good dramatic ballad, like "Ringo Came to Fight" from 100,000 Dollari per Ringo, with both English and Italian versions presented here; or even a catchy, if somewhat infantile number, like "Arizona Gun," the opening track on this fine compilation.
All manner of songs follow, most of them in English. There are strong, showy and emotional ballads like "Look Away," "I Want it All" (both English and Italian versions are again included), "Out of this World," "Voice in the Night"Diana" and "Shadows;" the jolly, banjo-driven "Go-Giddy-Go;" the free-flowing "Allora il Treno;" the galloping "Libertad;" the campy "Love Love Bang Bang;" the bouncy, pipe organ-driven "Gamba Gamba;" the dramatic, half-spoken "Sweet Love Song" and "Espanto en El Corazon, which starts similarly and then becomes hugely infectious;" the gentle pop of "La-Lu-Le" and the smooth, romantic sound of "Ciao Ciao."
Some of the vocals are uncredited, but familiar names from the time, like Bobby Solo, Laura Saint Paul, Edda dell'Orso, Nancy Cuomo and Fred Bongusto, plus of course I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni, feature, and there's even a contribution from actor Tomas Milian.
A splendid collection, which makes for a great easy listening experience. The CD is available via the Beat Records website at


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